The 21st Century
Social Circle

In a consumer survey, Sideqik found that influencers are becoming the new “social circle” for social media users. The findings in this e-book explore influencers’ increasing sway over consumers, what drives them to follow, and what they expect from influencers in return.

We also dig into one of the industry’s biggest buzzwords today, uncovering what authenticity really means to consumers and how brands can strike the right balance to keep their audiences’ attention and win their purchases and loyalty.

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Consumers highly value the opinions of those they choose to follow online.

When it comes to recommendations and reviews, consumers trust influencers more than many other sources, with 78% are more likely to trust a recommendation more than traditional ads.

Influencers play a significant role in product discovery.

In fact, across Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, Twitch and Pinterest – at least 78 percent of consumers say they have discovered a new brand/product from an influencer, and at least 1 in every 4 consumers have purchased a brand or product based on an influencer recommendation.

Influencer marketing is breeding the
new “passive purchaser”:

While only 57 percent of consumers say they regularly engage with the influencers they follow, 77 percent say they have purchased a product based on an influencers post.

One size doesn’t fit all.

Consumers use individual social media platforms for a variety of reasons beyond connecting with friends. Consumers shared their primary use case for Instagram is to gain an inside view of celebrity/influencer lives. For Twitter, it’s to keep up with the news; YouTube to get honest reviews of products/brands; and both Pinterest and Twitch to get inspiration and ideas or tips/tricks.


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